Live, Fresh & Frozen Seafood Sourcing

Pearl Seafood Exports sources live, fresh & frozen seafood as per customer requirements. We source live product from the East coast off Australia & land fresh & frozen seafood daily.

Live Seafood Sourcing

We have yearly supply of live east coast product including lobster, abalone, & oysters. We hold product in tanks ready for export. We export live seafood into Southeast Asia daily.

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Fresh Seafood Sourcing

Pearl Seafood Exports are capable of landing & processing up to 5 tonne per day depending on clients requirements. We have the capacity to store up to 40 tonne of chilled product.

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Frozen Seafood Sourcing

Capable of sourcing anywhere from AKE size to 40ft reefer size volumes of frozen Australian seafood for the export market. We focus on targeting key price points, delivering profitable exports.

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Sustainably & Ethically Sourced Seafood

Pearl Seafood Exports is committed to supplying sustainably fished & ethically sourced seafood from around Australia.

Licensed Australian Fish Receiver

Integral Relationships With Largest Wholesale Distributors

Direct Relationships With Commercial Fishermen

Sourcing Direct From Australian Aquaculture Farms


Here at Pearl Seafood Exports, we ethically source our Australian seafood to meet the highest export approved standards. We work collaboratively with our suppliers operating within a tightly regulated framework which accounts for sustainability of the resource, minimizing impacts on the marine environment and maintaining the successful operations of aquaculture farms and professional fishers who supply seafood to the Australian community.

All our suppliers are HACCP certified and meet the Export Control (Fish & Fish Products) Rules 2021 requirements of the Australian Federal Government ensuring all our product lawfully approved for export.

As an approved seafood exporter, we source all our product based on four per-requisites:

  1. Product is only received from approved aquaculture farms.
  2. Product is only received from other registered establishments.
  3. Product is only received direct from approved fishers and boats.
  4. All product received comes on transfer certificate to ensure traceability.


Pearl Seafood Exports is proud to be Australia’s home of consolidated and live seafood exporting and are commited to continuous improvement in this industry, ensuring the ongoing viability of Australian seafood exporting for many years to come.