Seafood Exporter Australia

Pearl Seafood Exports is Australia’s premier consolidated seafood exporter, operating out of Sydney, Australia. Specializing in live & fresh seafood, we export the best product from the east coast of Australia.

Live Seafood Exporter

Pearl Seafood Exports is an approved exporter of live seafood. With consistent supply of live product from the East Coast of Australia we are regularly sending export shipments of live seafood across Southeast Asia.

  • Live Eastern Rock Lobster
  • Live Blacklip Abalone
  • Live Pacific Oysters
  • Live Sydney Rock Oysters

Fresh Seafood Exporter

Pearl Seafood Exports is an approved exporter of chilled seafood. We source direct from Australia’s largest aquaculture supplier & farms, including Huon Aqua, Cleanseas, Murray Cod Australia, Yarra Valley Caviar, Goulburn River Trout, Humpty Do0 Barramundi and many more.

  • Southern Bluefin Tuna
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Barramundi
  • Murray Cod
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Ocean Trout

Live lobster is received into Pearl Seafood Exports and placed into our holding tanks.

Blacklip Abalone are received from commercial fishermen direct. Further processing includes removing meat from abalone.

Lobster is chilled down to 4 degrees prior to exporting to ensure the lobster is as relaxed as possible.

IQF Blacklip Abalone & Blacklip Abalone Meat are blast frozen down to -18 degrees. Product is vacuum packed for exports.

Lobster is packed into Polyfoams for export with hay and ice. Avg polyfoam weight is approx 15kg of product.

Product is packed into polyfoams average weight 15kg. Product is now ready for export.