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Ocean Trout Exporter
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Ocean Trout Exporter

Pearl Seafoods Exports can supply sustainable, Ocean Trout from the pristine waters off Tasmania for export.

Ocean Trout

Ocean Trout

Scientific name: Oncorhynchus mykiss

Pearl Seafoods Exports sources only premium, sustainable Ocean Trout approved for the export market. We are able to supply wholefish, fillets and portions in various grades and sizing.

Ocean Trout Profile

Ocean Trout are Tasmanian farmed fish that are raised in sea pens predominantly in Macquarie Harbour. The wholefish looks a lot like Atlantic Salmon with a reddish line running laterally down it's body from gills to tail.

Tasting alot like Atlantic Salmon but a more fattier version. Ocean Trout has a pink flesh and is extremely high in Omega 3 oils.

Ocean Trout Grading Information

  • Season : Open
  • MOQ : 300kg
  • Wholefish: Avaiable
  • Fillets : Available
  • Portions : Available
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