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Atlantic Salmon Exporter
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Atlantic Salmon Exporter

Pearl Seafoods Exports can supply sustainable, Atlantic Salmon from the pristine waters off Tasmania for export.


Atlantic Salmon

Scientific name: Salmo salar

Pearl Seafoods Exports sources only premium, sustainable Atlantic Salmon approved for the export market. We are able to supply wholefish, fillets and portions in various grades and sizing.

Atlantic Salmon Profile

The flavor of Atlantic salmon is milder than that of the wild salmon species. The meat is moderately firm and oily, though not as fatty as that of the wild chinook, or king, salmon.The flesh color varies, depending on the amount of pigment in the feed, but generally Atlantics’ meat is a rich orange or pinkish-orange color. The fatty meat appears almost marbled when raw. Atlantic salmon retains its color when cooked and has a large, moist flake.

Atlantic salmon is considered a very healthy food and one of the fish with a more refined taste in many cultures. As such it features in numerous popular traditional cuisines and can fetch a higher price than some other fish.

Atlantic Salmon Grading Information

  • Season : Open
  • MOQ : 300kg
  • Wholefish: Avaiable
  • Fillets : Available
  • Portions : Available
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