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Ocean Jacket Exporting
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Ocean Jacket Exporting

Pearl Seafood Exports can supply fresh, chilled or frozen wild caught Ocean Jacket

Ocean Jacket

Ocean Jacket

Scientific name: Nelusetta ayraud

Pearl Seafood Exports can supply wild caught Ocean Jacket, fresh, chilled or frozen . Our product is supplied wild caught, direct from the east coast waters off Australia.

Ocean Jacket Profile

Ocean jacket has a mild flavour. Fillets are usually boneless, trunks usually have the backbone left in and can be cooked this way or made into cutlets

Ocean Jacket supply, processing and exporting

Ocean Jacket

Pearl Seafood Exports can supply, process and pack wild caught Ocean Jacket for the export market.

Wild caught Ocean Jacket can be supplied either fresh, chilled or frozen.

Ocean Jacket Fillet
  • Season : Open
  • MOQ : 500kg
  • Caviar : Available
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