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Australian Barramundi Exporter
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Australian Barramundi Exporter

Pearl Seafoods Exports can supply sustainable, saltwater Barramundi from the remote Northern Territory of Australia.


Australian Barramundi

Scientific name: Lates calcarifer

Pearl Seafoods Exports sources only premium Australian Barramundi approved for the export market. We are able to supply wholefish, fillets and portions in various grades and sizing.

Barramundi Profile

Barramundi is an iconic Australian fish and has been an important part of Australians' diet for thousands of years. Our premium saltwater barramundi is of superb eating quality, with a thin layer of fat under the skin making it ideal for crisp skin cooking.

The barramundi or Asian sea bass is widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from South Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.

Australian Barramundi Grading Information

  • Season : Open
  • MOQ : 300kg
  • Wholefish: Avaiable
  • Fillets : Available
  • Fillets : Available
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