Live, Fresh & Frozen Seafood Supplier

Pearl Seafood Exports supplies live, fresh and frozen seafood as per customer requirements. We supply live product from the East Coast of Australia and land fresh and frozen product daily.

Seafood Sourcing

Fresh Seafood Sourcing

Frozen Seafood Sourcing

Landing Live Seafood Daily

We have yearly supply of live east coast product including lobster, abalone and oysters. We hold product in tanks ready for immeadiate export. We export live seafood into Southeast Asia on a daily basis.

Supplying Fresh Fish Daily

We are capable of landing and processing up to 5 tonne of product per day depending on clients’ specifications. We have the capacity of storing up to 50 tonne of chilled product.

20′ & 40′ Reefer Container

Pearl Seafood Exports are able to source and pack or re-pack and freeze down as required volumes sufficent enough to fill 40 foot reefer containers.